Learning is an Experience, everything else is just Information.

It is aimed at learners whose fast-paced life style is leading to low attention span, juggle with multiple priorities and lack of structured time for learning.

Of course, it addresses the needs of virtual teams, staff with high mobility and those needing follow-up reinforcement and assessment for formal programs. It also expands the reach to staff who lay outside the purview due additional costs like Laptops/Tabs; by leveraging user’s personal smart-phone.


Significantly improve learning & engagement through smarter mobile driven solutions that meet changing lifestyle needs.


  • Learner interface on mobile (Android & iOS App)
  • Patented ‘FlashLeaf’ engagement technology to keep learners hooked
  • Web interface for Admin
  • Offline focused. Low data dependency to enable anytime-anywhere learning.
  • Secured & quick SaaS deployment
  • Easy integration with existing systems


  • Tailor-made content for smartphones created using ‘Mobigogy’ framework
  • 6 different methodologies to match individual learning style
  • Bite-sized content with learning leafs that can be consumed in seconds


  • Real time backend analytics for Learning admin
  • Dynamic reports for learners to track usage and learning pattern
  • Performance Scores – Self, Peers, Previous participants.
  • Completion Progress
  • Managers’ interface to track subordinates’ learning progress
  • Graphical and tabulated reports

Flash Leaf Engagement Technology

A patented ‘flash-leaf engagement feature that intelligently understands the usage patterns, and predicts & projects user desired learning aspects without a single touch; keeping the user honest and hooked to his/her learning goals just when they tend to drop out.

Mobigogy’ Framework

Mobigogy principles of content creation integrates, Customer (user), Content, Communication Interface (mobile device), and Context (physical and psychological aspects of the environment where the learning interaction is taking place.

Different methodologies for different learners

Multiple Methodologies to Match Personal Learning Style of learners e.g. Courseware, Assesso, Audio/video, book crx, snippetz & Games

Offline Focused

Offline focused and gors easy on data usage

Personalized Features

Company wise personalized features

Configurable User Profile

Great control over user profile


Configurable and customized push and pull notifications

Secured System

Have encrypted & secure content, even on private device.

Backend Console

Admin can manage users, course content, security and administer reports

Team View

Managers’ interface to track subordinates learning progress, engage with outliers users

Performance and Trends

Performance Scores of previous participants & existing participants. Personal Trends

Course Progress

Continuous course progress tracking & Completion status check

Analytics at different leveL

Real time backend analytics for Learning admin and hierarchy

Peers Updates

Learners receive updates about the progress of their peers

Byte Sized content

Extremely crisp content tailor made for mobile interface

Learning Group

Learn together in a team – Create Learning Group

Graphical Reports

Dynamic reports to track usage and learning pattern

Collaborate and Learn

Share notes, views and participate in discussions

Social Learning

Compare, share and recommend

Gamified Learning

Makes learning fun and hooks learners

Solution Screenshots

Courses that can be customized to your content, your budget, your learners.

Use Cases

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