About Palm Leaf

PalmLeaf at Tech Mahindra is a dedicated team of technocrats, HR, Learning and Communication specialists focused on understanding the challenges of the ever-changing modern life-style. We constantly seek ways to leverage the omni-presence of the mobile devices in our lives, to create smart solutions that can improve the learning and engagement patterns of the users.

SaaS Solution

Offers quick & secured SaaS deployment


Pushes all types of reports starting from quick status reports to trends and deep analytics for various stakeholders


Smartly integrates with internal systems and databases

Business Operations & Consulting

A team of analysts and UX experts continuously analyze usage and provide consultancy.

Our Valued Customers

Our clients range from Corporates and Fortune 500, to entertainment companies, to small businesses, and everything in between.



"The concept product is very fruit full and will definitely help me being as a part of Vistara family while interaction with our customers and our team members"

irfan ul rasool PalmLeaf User

Saint Gobain

"sweet and crisp. A nice way of presenting. Kudos to the team developed it?"

Venkataraman N PalmLeaf User


"Great initiative and content Wouldn't have believed one could use small, compact slides to train - impart knowledge Fantastic and a true eye-opener about possibilities Thank-you!"

sukanto sengupta PalmLeaf User

Saint Gobain

"Useful course, able to learn from home as it is in mobile app."

Ezhumalai R PalmLeaf User

Manipal Hospital

"very informative & useful. kept me engaged,forced &reinforced me to keep away my usual activities in order to complete this module."

Anuradha N PalmLeaf User


"When it comes to employee learning, today’s organizations need to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of the training delivery mechanisms. M-learning platform provides us with an intuitive and interactive learning platform along with content that is designed for mobile phone screens, creating a win-win scenario for the company as well as the learners.”

Roli Singh Head Talent Development


"I believe in the concept highlighted in the video and wish more people do so, which in turn will help in developing coherent and fun to work office environment in the companies.”

Vakul Agarwal PalmLeaf User

Saint Gobain

"It's good to understand properly and analyse with ur routine and explore possibility how u can manage personnel and professional life”

Dipak Parsottambhai Sali PalmLeaf User

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